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Perth Chinese School Enrolment Form

Payment details

Payment amounts
Yearly:         $510 per student (payment after 1 Jan 2023)
Half year:    $280 per student
Term:           $160 per student

Payment methods:
1. Cash
    Please bring the appropriate amount of cash to be processed by the admin staff. Change may not be available, so please bring the exact amount.

2. Bank transfer
    Account name:     Perth Chinese School
    BSB:                     086-270
    Account number:  13 833 1180
    Description:          StudentFirstname+StudentSurname+YearLevel

If you have any questions about payments, please speak to our admin staff on your first day.

School rules

  1. 学生若在学校学习和参加其他活动时发生意外或受到伤害,医疗费由家长负责。
  2. 请家长务必准时接送学生。放学以后,学生的安全不是学校的责任。
  3. 学生必须尊重老师和其他同学,听老师的话;遵从校规。
  4. 学生必须按时完成作业,请家长们督促。
  5. 学生不可以在学校和课室里跑动。如果没有老师,学生不可以进入课室。学生不可以动课室里的书和其他属于日校的任何东西。不可以在课室里吃东西。
  6. 不可以在学校里乱扔东西。
  7. 任何电子机器(MP3,游戏机)不准带进学校里。手机只能放学后使用。
  1. Parents are responsible for any medical cost for injuries caused to the above-named student through their attendance or participation in the activities conducted by the school.
  2. School hours: 9:00 am – 11:30 am on Sunday (school term). Students are required to be at school and picked up on time. School takes no responsibility to the students for late pick up after 11:30am.
  3. Students are always expected to be courteous and considerate to the staff and fellow students. Students must follow a teacher’s instruction the first time it is given. Student must abide by the rules and regulations set by this school.
  4. Homework is to be completed by students when requested by teaching staff. Parents are encouraged to check that homework is completed.
  5. Running inside classroom and school premises are not permitted. Students are not permitted to enter any classroom unless a staff member is present. Students are not permitted to touch any books and equipment in the classroom/school. Food is not been consumed inside classrooms.
  6. Littering and vandalism are prohibited and viewed very seriously by the school.
  7. No electronic devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, MP3 player, Games) are allowed to be brought into the school. Mobile phone can only be used after school hours.

Classes 课程

Foundation (Year 1, 2)基础(一、二年级)
Elementary (Year 3, 4)初级(三、四年级)
Intermediate (Year 5, 6)中级(五、六年级)
Advanced (Year 7,8)高级(七、八年级)


Enrolment form

Either fill in the electronic enrollment form on this page or download the attached enrollment form and bring it to school with you on the day.

Enrolment Form Mt Lawley